Diploma of Christian Studies

Engage in Tertiary studies with Melbourne School of Theology.

What it's all about.

Studying at tertiary level means embarking on a journey of discovery as you dive into a range of topics and themes about God, His mission and your role in it.

Alongside other students, you'll grapple with new ideas as you reflect on how these can impact your relationship with God and the world.

The beauty of Worldview's residential site is that learning doesn't stop once you leave the classroom. You get to talk to lecturers, staff and students informally around the dinner table or while doing duties together.

As a tertiary theological student you'll have plenty of sources to process and reflect on, culminating in assessments that include essay writing or group work.

Students often speak of new discoveries they've made about themselves and God as they've learned to manage time, energy and deadlines.

You too can be one of these students whose life has changed because God was at work and drew them closer to a deeper walk with Him, grasping His word and aware of their fit and place in His mission.

Discussions beyond the classroom
Discussions beyond the classroom
Face to face teaching
Face to face teaching

MST Launceston Campus is an approved delivery location for Melbourne School of Theology (MST), an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (CRICOS 02650E).

In order to engage in this study you will need to enrol with Melbourne School of Theology, choosing to conduct your studies at the MST Launceston Campus.

MST's Launceston Campus offers a one-year Diploma of Christian Studies in a residential context.

If you want to further your studies into a second or third year, there are options with MST worth exploring. Click here to view the suite of courses available.

Your MST studies run concurrent to our non-accredited Residential Program where you'll immerse yourself in the day-to-day living and community aspects of the campus, with opportunities to explore mission options, engage in daily prayer and worship rhythms and rub shoulders with cross-cultural workers.

Melbourne School of Theology is an Affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS: 02650E

2023 MST Launceston Campus Timetable

Semester 1 Dates*

Term 1

6-10 Feb: Orientation Week
13-17 Feb: Residential program short course
28 Feb - 6 April: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units

6-28 April: Holidays (including Easter and extra week holiday)

Term 2

1-5 May: Residential program short course
8 May - 23 June: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units
26-30 June: Residential program short course
3-7 July: Residential program short course

8-24 July: Holidays

Semester 1 Dates

Term 3

24 July - 8 Sept: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units

11-29 Sept: Missions preparation and Missions

30 Sept -15: October Holidays

Term 4

15 Oct - 1 Dec: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units
4-8 Dec: Residential program short course

11-15 Dec: End of year program, graduation preparation

16 December (Saturday): Graduation

*Dates are subject to change

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