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Message from our Principal

Since its foundation, Worldview's consistent story has been about significant needs met by God's tremendous provision.

Time and time again, aware of God's presence and His work in the lives of His people, Worldview's community has prayed and sought His wisdom in practical things, such as finances to pay for bills, a car to drive, warmer clothes to cope with winter or bricks to use in construction.

Staff, trainees, and volunteers have experienced God's provision in miraculous ways, both individually and as a community. Our present campus facilities remind us of the work of those that have come before us and how they sought faith in action. What an incredible legacy!

As our Worldview story continues it is our turn to continually seek God in our present-day context. Please join us in prayer as we look to the Lord to provide for our community kitchen which has served us well for decades but desperately needs an upgrade.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Daniel Misdom
On behalf of the Worldview team

Lasting legacy
Lasting legacy

The Kitchen

Worldview's commercial kitchen lives in the heart of the campus, located at the end of our Dining Hall. Historically, the kitchen has produced countless meals for staff, students, volunteers, children and visitors. This rhythm continues today.

Under the direction of a kitchen manager, a weekly menu is prepared by ordering produce or utilising what is available from the farm. As each day unfolds, students prep the day's ingredients ready for the meals in the hours that follow. These are prepared by a range of volunteers who cook lunches and dinners Monday to Friday.

All of the Worldview community make use of these meals, eating together in the Dining Hall, followed by a roster of staff and students to help with the clean up.

As these activities take place continually, the kitchen has become tired. Additionally, health and safety standards have changed over the years as have commercial kitchen practices.

While we're thankful we've been able to function in this space effectively (including replacing essential equipment), our desire is to improve this working kitchen to better serve our community.

Well used space
Well used space
Dated wooden cabinets
Dated wooden cabinets

The Upgrade

The initial dream is to be able to update the storage, bench space and flooring while at the same time reconfiguring the layout to better suit food preparation and clean-up.

Relocating the cooking space will allow us to take down the antiquated range hood and push these components along a wall, freeing up the centre of the room for movable storage racks.

An internal gutter creates some headaches during wet months, constantly having to monitor how the rainwater impacts drains and causes leaks.

The floor will need to be retiled to better improve the safety of all who are working, especially once it is wet.

Presently the kitchen environment is not able to be heated or cooled.

In the years that follow up we want to expand these upgrades to include a new toilet block outside, new storage spaces with better fridge and freezer systems and adequate access for deliveries.

Clean-up reorientation
Clean-up reorientation
Need to use space better
Need to use space better

Why the upgrade?

Our rhythm of eating together is a high value at Worldview. Community and discipleship are crucial in the transformational process of being like Jesus, carrying forward His love into the world beyond our campus. Food and culture are an important part of this journey and we desire to create a wonderful experience for all.

With this in mind, food and its preparation is a non-negotiable aspect of community life and draws a large amount of time and energy. In order to do this safely we endeavour to have a safe work space, whether it be to prep food, serve it or clean up afterwards.

Although our kitchen has served us tremendously, the upgrade will help us achieve the following goals:

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Compliance with food safety standards
  • Address roof leaks and slippery floors
  • Create an open kitchen floor space that can be easily reconfigured depending on need
  • Create better storage solutions (drying racks on wheels)
  • Change the clean-up orientation that considers how dirty dishes and pots are received and cleaned
Making Mongolian dumplings
Making Mongolian dumplings
Veggie prep area
Veggie prep area
Storage area
Storage area

Next steps

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Dining Hall
Dining Hall