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Our weekly timetable follows the Tasmanian school calendar, allowing parents to fully engage in studies and residential life. Mornings start with community worship followed by classes.

Two units are taught each Term for a total of eight units in the year. The lectures take places across four mornings, alternating between one unit on Mondays and Thursdays and the second unit on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Wednesdays look different as they are set aside for community engagement. In the morning we come together for worship and prayer, often hearing a message or input from a cross-cultural worker. After morning tea, we gather in our discipleship small groups. The afternoon is a time of working in teams on the farm, in the kitchen or around campus to help care for our property together.

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Normal Weekly Timetable
Normal Weekly Timetable

Other information

Other than Wednesdays, afternoons and evenings are free (there are no formal study or residential program commitments). However, this time is made available for opportunities to engage in a local ministry and to complete study requirements.

At other times there will be impromptu social gatherings of all kinds, organised by staff or students throughout the year.

Duties refers to the cleaning and preparation for the day ahead. Sometimes this involves kitchen work preparing food, serving and wash-up before and after meals, cleaning various public spaces, or practical work on the farm.

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