Student Support

If you need support you can contact our on-campus Student Support Officers and/or Chaplain (see staff).

Worldview undertakes to provide support services to students including but not limited to student administration, counselling, course advice, academic and English language support, according to Eastern College Australia’s (ECA) policies and procedures.

The ultimate oversight and responsibility of support in accredited training lie with the support services of Eastern College Australia (link).

Students are advised to take note of above link to the ECA website which details the obligation placed upon teaching and training institutions with respect to occupational health and safety, workplace harassment, victimisation and bullying, discrimination, and equal opportunity including issues of racial vilification and disability.

Any grievances and complaints will be process in accordance with the ECA Complaints and Grievance Procedures for Academic Matters and Non-Academic Matters.

For the relevant policies and procedures click here (link).

Study Support
Study Support

Emergency Services

The emergency services phone number for Police, Ambulance or Fire Service is: 000.

If you are dialling from a Worldview residential landline phone the number is: 0000.

In case of emergency while on campus please contact a member of staff who will help. In case of emergency evacuation please follow directions provided on the evacuation plan signs and Fire Wardens.

First Aid

For first aid treatment our Medical Advisor will be able to assist and guide you if more treatment is required. First Aid kits are located in all public buildings on campus. A number of our staff are trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Health Services

In order to access health services talk to the Medical Advisor who will be able to direct you.

Worldview chooses to use Newstead Medical

165 Elphin Road,
Newstead, Tasmania, 7250
Phone: (03) 6331 1088.

Here to help
Here to help

Welfare and Counselling Services

Your course advisor is the first person you should contact if you need support. Other people you may contact are the Chaplain, the Medical Advisor, or the Registrar. Where welfare issues arise the Medical Advisor or Chaplain will connect you with the relevant services and contact the relevant college staff.

For mental aid emergencies you can also contact Lifeline: 13 11 14 (phone).

Legal Advice

Worldview does not provide legal advice to trainees and students. Free legal advice can be obtained from Tasmania Legal Aid.


Advocacy may be found through the Chaplain or by including a third-party. This third-party can be found through our local missions network.