Residential Program

At Worldview you’ll immerse yourself in learning and preparation for cross-cultural engagement and ministry.

Our residential program

Over 10 months our non-accredited residential program will get you thinking about God’s story and your role in it, what it means to live with God and with others in community, and how to work and go forward with God into mission.

As a resident you’ll experience rhythms of worship and prayer, spiritual formation and discipleship, while engaging with staff and other students in community. Face-to-face teaching each morning is balanced by time out of the classroom doing ministry and personal study.

Living at Worldview also means participating in duties and practical work around campus, helping in the kitchen and eating together five days a week. There’s space in our timetable to socialise with others, join ministry in our local area and explore beautiful Tasmania.

Please note that our Residential Program is not a stand-alone course. It is a non-accredited program that runs alongside your Certificate IV studies.

Rhythms of worship and prayer
Rhythms of worship and prayer

While books and class experience are integral to training, our residential program provides the kind of self-awareness, cross-cultural appreciation and team dynamics you can’t obtain any other way.

If you are serious about working cross-culturally then our intentional community will help you build character, grow in teamwork and develop your interpersonal skills.

Our non-accredited Residential Program is not a stand-alone course. Rather, it runs parallel to your formal studies. If you want to experience our residential community you will also need to enrol in Eastern's Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.


The non-accredited Residential Program includes all activities beyond the academic timetable, including weekly prayer and worship times, discipleship groups, ministry placement, short courses, and practical duties.

Program Costs

Costs start at $60 a week for accommodation and $60 a week for weekday meals (per adult), from the beginning of February to mid-December.


In 2024 Worldview's non-accredited Residential Program will start on Monday 5 February and finish on Saturday 14 December.

Other intakes are possible throughout the year, depending on your situation. For options get in touch with our Registrar here.

The fine print

One of our expectations is that you will find a local church community that you can interact with on a regular basis outside of Worldview. We're not a church, although we practice many of the rhythms common in many faith communities. As such, our Residential Program is not designed to meet your every need, instead offering support and encouragement in your faith as you engage with studies.

Family friendly
Family friendly
Short Courses
Short Courses

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