Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

(Course Code 10742NAT, CRICOS Course Code 106025K)

A Vocational Course of study with Eastern College Australia

What it's all about.

Vocational study is a great way to get to know God and His story. In this Certificate course you'll participate in a range of practical topics about God, how to read the Bible and how to work with others.

This course is designed to be practical, with a strong emphasis on class interaction with teachers and students.

The residential model means that your classroom learning doesn't finish at the end of class. Instead, you'll be able to talk to teachers, staff and students informally around the dinner table or doing duties together.

As a certificate student you'll be guided through different learning experiences and activities, eventually leading to a range of practical assessments.

By the end of this course you will have confidence in handling different theological ideas and how to talk to others about God in practical ways.

If you want to draw closer to a deeper walk with God, grasp His word and become more aware of your fit and place in His mission then this Certificate course is for you.

Putting theory into practice
Putting theory into practice
Learning with others
Learning with others

Worldview is an approved delivery site of Eastern College Australia.

Eastern offers a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (Course Code 10742NAT | CRICOS Code 106025K) at its Worldview delivery site in Launceston.

In order to engage in this study you will need to enrol as an Eastern College Australia student, choosing to conduct your studies at the Worldview delivery site.

Your Eastern studies run concurrent to our non-accredited Residential Program where you'll immerse yourself in the day-to-day living and community aspects of the campus, with opportunities to explore mission options, engage in daily prayer and worship rhythms and rub shoulders with cross-cultural workers.


RTO No. 22065
CRICOS: 03853H
HE No. PRV12149


In order to graduate with a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (10742NAT) you will need to successfully complete 9 units.

The courses' list of competencies is further detailed here.

Course Fees

The tuition fees for a domestic student completing the Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology is $3,000.

Note that these costs do not include residential costs or any personal expense living in Tasmania. For more information on these visit our Residential Program page.


In 2023 the academic and residential program will begin on Monday 6 February (with an orientation week) and will conclude on Saturday 16 December (with graduation). Term breaks are Term breaks are 6-28 April; 8-24 July; 30 Sept–15 Oct.

Certificate students will abide by all Eastern College Australia's policies and procedures, including complaints and grievances. The polices are found here.

To find out more information get in touch with us here.

Overseas Students

Course Fees

The tuition fees for an overseas student completing the same course described above is $4,000.

Please note that this is the cost of the course only - it does not include residential costs or any personal expense while living in Tasmania. You can find out more about costs of living at Worldview on our Residential Program page.

Course Structure

The accredited vocational program for overseas students is 20 hours a week full-time and requires the same successful completion of units mentioned above.

In 2023 the academic and residential program will begin on Monday 6 February (with an orientation week) and will conclude on Saturday 16 December (with graduation).

Term breaks are:

  • 6-28 April 2023
  • 8-24 July 2023
  • 30 September to 15 October 2023

Entry and Course Requirements

Overseas students must be 18 years old and above. For a detailed description regarding academic standards and English language proficiency please click here.


Overseas students have to apply and pay one semester's fees before they can be issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment (necessary to obtain an Australian Student Visa).

Begin the application process here.

2023 Launceston Timetable

Semester 1 Dates*

Term 1

6-10 Feb: Orientation Week
13-17 Feb: Residential program short course
28 Feb - 6 April: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units

6-28 April: Holidays (including Easter and extra week holiday)

Term 2

1-5 May: Residential program short course
8 May - 23 June: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units
26-30 June: Residential program short course
3-7 July: Residential program short course

8-24 July: Holidays

Semester 1 Dates

Term 3

24 July - 8 Sept: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units

11-29 Sept: Missions preparation and Missions

30 Sept -15: October Holidays

Term 4

15 Oct - 1 Dec: Melbourne School of Theology or Eastern College Australia units
4-8 Dec: Residential program short course

11-15 Dec: End of year program, graduation preparation

16 December (Saturday): Graduation

*Dates are subject to change

Unit Summaries

God's Big Story
CMTTHE403 - Compare and present information on a theological theme or issue

While the Bible is made up of many books and letters, it holds themes that run through the Bible which are very important to understanding God and His purposes for the world. This Unit traces the most important theme of salvation through the OT and NT, while exploring other important themes as well. This unit will help you begin to form a solid biblical theology.

Engaging with Scripture
CMTTHE402 - Interpret theological data

Practical skills in how to use and interpret the Bible are acquired in this unit, including topics where did the Bible come from, what was the context and setting of the Bible, how do we apply it to today’s cultures. A focus of this unit will be the study of the book of Philippians and the Psalms. You will learn how to lead a Bible study.

CMTTHE404 - Compare and apply new theological insights

Our most important call is to follow Jesus. This unit helps the student to apply the teachings of Jesus to life and ministry through a study of the Gospel of Mark. Further reflection is given to personal formation which considers the spiritual disciplines of a faithful disciple.

Knowing God
CMTTHE401 - Interpret and discuss Christian Scripture and Theology

This unit introduces the student to the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. Topics include, God, the Trinity, the Person of Jesus, the work of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Church and the Spiritual world.

Christian Ethics
CMTMIN401 - Explain the application of Christian ethics to contemporary life issues

This unit covers a number of ethical issues that we are confronted with today from a biblical perspective, with Jesus’ teachings central to our considerations.

Telling God's Story (clustered unit)
CMTMIN402 - Communicate theological information BSBCMM411 - Make presentations

This subject will help us grow in skills of sharing God’s story and our story both in our context and cross-culturally. Different tools will be practiced, including a consideration of the 3D gospel – Guilt/Innocence, Honour/Shame, Fear/Power. The idea of running disciple making Growth Groups and discipling others will be explored and practiced.

Working with Diversity in Healthy Teams (clustered unit) including a ministry placement
CHCDIV001 - Work with Diverse Peoples
MSMSUP106 - Work in a Team

This unit helps students to identify and develop skills for learning about and working with people who are different or from other cultures. We consider the idea of Cultural Intelligence. Team life is explored and what makes for a great team member working on a multi-cultural team. This unit requires a ministry placement for practice and reflection in a real life ministry situation.

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